Space weather limits spacecraft life expectancy and is an important design consideration.

Space Weather

Satellite Operations (SATOPS) are significantly impacted by space weather.  Like ships at sea, satellites too must endure severe storms in their environment.  The magnetosphere around Earth protects from solar energy; image below of the magnetosphere concept courtesy NASA. features current and forecast conditions related to solar activity.  Subscribe to FREE space weather email news with alerts. 

Space Weather Now has current weather, by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Education and Outreach material by NOAA, including a primer and explanation of solar wind data.

Relativistic Electron Forecast Model by USAF and NOAA, predicts the occurrence of high-energy electron impact on satellites in GEO orbit to ascertain potential of single-event upsets (SEU) and malfunctions.

SolarMax presented by the San Francisco Exploratorium, includes Solar and Heliocentric Observatory (SOHO) images, news, classroom activities, NASA Sun-Earth missions and Auroras.

SOHO is the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, by ESA and NASA, studies the Sun from its deep inner core to the outer corona and solar wind, which affects the Earth and orbiting satellites.


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